COLDTM:  Matlab® / Scilab compiler towards high performance parallel C++

COLD presentation

COLDTM is a powerful compiler that automatically transforms Matlab or Scilab scripts and functions into optimized and possibly parallelized codes speeding their execution time by a factor of 10 to 30 and beyond in some cases.

COLDTM can be naturally integrated into your development workflow providing optimal execution performances without the involvement of High performance programming specialists.




COLDTM provides a unique operational solution, unmatched in the market, making more performing the simulations that are developed by scientists and non IT specialists expressing their models in Matlab/Scilab DSL.

COLDTM is composed of three main elements:

  • A source to source compiler that accepts as input Matlab or Scilab scripts, and outputs an optimized C++ code accelerated with OpenMP pragmas if available on the hardware model target
  • A library of optimized modules to support the C++ generated code.
  • An encapsulation linking directly the input script to the executable code or to the autonomous library, which can be available in various forms (object modules, dll, MEX or JAVA encapsulations) facilitating the integration of COLDTM into customer’s production environment.

COLDTM doesn’t only replace the DSL functions with calls to optimized libraries, but it carefully optimizes the input models before the call to those libraries. It can also be embedded directly in Matlab or Scilab environments

The time generation of optimized code and its compilation is low enough to allow the use of COLDTM in an interactive way.

COLDTM is available on Windows or Linux operating systems.

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Product Name Product Brief Description
COLD for Scilab Product Presentation Scilab compiler towards high performance parallel C++
COLD for Matlab Product Presentation Matlab® compiler towards high performance parallel C++

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