ADIS ADIS  stands for « Army, DGA and Industry for Simulation », the official group that gathers French industry groups and SMEs active in Simulation for Defense, armed Forces (Sea, Air, Land), and the French MoD. The goal of ADIS is to exchange, promote and organize French Defense Simulation activities. In addition, ADIS organizes the yearly French Joint Simulation Seminar. 
Afdel AFDEL  “Association Française des Editeurs de Logiciels”, with 280 internet companies members representing nearly all different sectors.
ARTEMIS The ARTEMIS Industry Association is the association for R&D actors in Embedded Systems. The 200+ members of ARTEMIS Industry Association define the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Embedded Systems in Europe
Astech ASTech Paris Région competitive cluster aims at increasing in the Paris region the European leading position of Space Transport, Business and Turbopropulsion Aviation, Equipment Innovation.
  Cap Digital Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital content and services in Paris and the Ile de France region. The members represent the digital industry’s most active players in digital content.
  Comité Richelieu Comité Richelieu is an organization exclusively composed with small and medium innovating enterprises.
DDASCA (Dependable Distributed Architecture for Safety Critical Application). Created at the initiative of companies Arion Entreprise, B&R Automation, HPC Project and ENSTA, the consortium brings together suppliers, manufacturers, integrators, users and academics involved in high dependability applications.
logo EHEST Launched on November 2006, the European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) brings together manufacturers, operators, research organizations, regulators, accident investigators and a few military operators from across Europe. EHEST is the helicopter branch of the ESSI, and also the European component of the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST). We are committed to contribute to the goal of reducing the helicopter accident rate by 80 percent by 2016 worldwide, with emphasis on improving European safety. 

FEDER  The  Fonds européen de développement régional  or   European Regional Development Fund  ( ERDF ) is a fund allocated by the European Union.

GICAT GICAT  is the professional group representing the industrial sector supplying equipment to the French Land forces and exports Land and Air land equipment.Today’s set-up provides GICAT with a platform for maintaining its ongoing relationships with the national public departments, the DGA (General Delegation for Armament), the Land Forces Headquarters (EMAT) and the Army Headquarters (EMA). It also provides the opportunity to play an international role, particularly where Europe is concerned, through its representation within the ASD (European Association for Aerospace and Defence Industries) and ELDIG, its representation in the Land sector. Furthermore, GICAT has initiated specific relationships with the Gendarmerie (Military Police) and the National Police Force in the Home Security sector.

logo IPTC

The International Pilot Training Consortium (IPTC) was created to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of commercial aviation by developing international agreement on a common set of pilot training, instruction and evaluation standards and processes for the benefit of the industry worldwide and that will result in ICAO provisions.
ITEA2 The EUREKA Cluster programme ITEA 2 stimulates and supports innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive research and development (R&D) projects which will contribute research excellence to Europe’s competitive software-intensive systems and services sector.
  Nafems NAFEMS  is an independent not-for-profit body with the sole aim of promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods such as finite element analysis, multibody system dynamics and computational fluid dynamics.Our membership in NAFEMS is an important asset for our activities in CAE.
Par4all Par4All is an open source community built around the automatic parallelization Par4All environment. The community’s objective is to develop, maintain and support an industrial implementation of the PIPS software, the result of 25 years of research from Mines Paris Tech and Telecom Bretagne.
pegase 60x37 The Pegase cluster brings together 300 innovative SMEs, global companies, research laboratories, and development support institutions of the Aeronautics & Space industry in Provence, Alpes, Côte d’Azur. Pegase promotes its actors’ excellence in human factors, process & materials, green technologies, optics & vision, control command, industrial and production techniques for aeronautics. Pegase’s expertise mainly applies to innovative aircrafts (UAS, airships, stratospheric platforms), helicopters, and light aircrafts that will shape the skies of tomorrow.

Systematic is a technology competitiveness cluster supported by the French administration seeking to boost the economy and employment through innovation, training and partnerships. It involves researchers, industries, training organizations and local governments. The Systematic Cluster boasts a unique concentration of technology players in Europe and an outstanding international reputation focused on booming markets. It is already a breeding ground for breakthroughs.


TERATEC main mission is to contribute to the development of high performance numerical simulation. Its goals is to participate in the emergence and setting up of joint collaborative R&D projects, to enable access to state-of-the-art processing facilities among the most powerful in the world and to ensure the development of the requisite skills and competences through training, seminars, conferences and lectures ….In order to achieve these aims TERATEC is establishing the first European Technopole dedicated to high performance calculations and simulations.