CETRAC : 10 Gbps Critical Real Time Ethernet Interconnection technology

CETRAC Technology

CETRAC is a Real Time critical Ethernet interconnection open technology that improves connectivity, safety, performance and TCO in any critical environment. This disruptive 100% hardware solution is fully compatible with ARINC 664 Part 7, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 1588. The redundancy management capability is a key feature. Thanks to its connectivity extensible capacity any CETRAC switch can be introduced in a smooth and progressive way in an already existing network.

CETRAC switch is the ideal product for any critical Ethernet Applications as central element of high performance and safe real Time and deterministic Ethernet networks. This Ethernet protocol allows both cyclic and event-driven communications in full duplex.

Several switches can be connected together to create three kinds of flexible architecture for critical systems:

  • 10 Gbps redundant ring architecture
  • 10 Gbps hierarchical architecture
  • Mixed solution combining the two previous architectures.

CETRAC Key Innovations are:

  • Proven real time determinism
  • Pure HW one chip programmable solution
  • High bandwidth
  • Embeddable in LRU

Main Market are:

CETRAC family of Products

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     CETRAC Industrial Switch             CETRAC Airborne Switch  

10 Gbps CETRAC technology is provided through a range of various products:

  • industrial switch
  • airworthy switches
  • End systems
  • IP

Industrial switch Product brief

Product Name Product brief Description
8 ports 1Gbps Industrial fully deterministic Industrial Ethernet switch PB_SWITCH_IND_1U_8TX1G_E-v2.19 or (Contact us) 8 ports Gigabit Ethernet Switch at up to 1Gbps with 2 redundant 10Gbps ports with optional IRIG/ GPS feature.
8 ports 1Gbps ARINC664P7 compliant Industrial fully deterministic Ethernet switch PB_SWITCH_IND_1U_8TX1G_E_A664P7-v2.18 or (Contact us) 8-port Industrial Ethernet switch at up to 1Gbps
compliant with ARINC664 Part 7, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 1588



Airworthy switch Product brief

Product Name Product brief Description
24 ports Airworthy fully deterministic IP Ethernet switch SWITCH AERO-600-24TX100ME / ARINC664 Part 7 or (Contact us) This managed deterministic IP Ethernet switch with up to 24 ports at 100Mbps/1Gbps is perfectly suited to any critical real-time embedded system. This disruptive 100% hardware solution is fully compatible with AFDX. An optional GPS or IRIG daughter board is proposed to provide better time stability


Cetrac IP

fully deterministic Ethernet A664P7 IP for critical systems (m ports 1GE & n ports 100M) IP-m1GE-n100ME / ARINC664 Part 7
(Contact us)
Based on CETRAC modular architecture, CETRAC IP cores can be used to design any critical Ethernet ARINC664P7 critical switch up to 24 ports


End systems

Product Name Product brief Description
2 ports 1 Gbps Fully deterministic Ethernet network adapter for critical High performance 1 Gbps ARINC664 Part 7 End-Systems IND-ES-2TX1GE-A664P7/PCIE
(Contact us)
With two ports at up to 1 Gbps,  this ARINC664-Part7 End-system is the ideal ARINC664 Part 7 End-system, it is synchronised with the IEEE1588 (PTP) and get the ability to management the redundancy at up to 1 Gbps. It is connected very close to the computer system using a PCI express interface.
2 ports 10 Gbps and 1 port at up to 1 Gbps Fully deterministic Ethernet network adapter for critical systems IND-ES-2TX10GE-1TX1GE/PCIE
(Contact us)
With 1 port at up to 1 Gbps ad two ports at 10Gbps, this End-System board can be part of the most demanding critical systems with the ability to sniff your 10Gbps Ethernet link to perform a simple monitoring action or to perform any intrusive action to test and validate your overall system. The IEEE1588 protocol is available to synchronize your CETRAC Network, while guaranteeing real-time and determinism.