ControlBuildTM : A global software platform designed to develop and validate embedded control systems

SILKAN distributes and integrates ControlBuild that is a trademark or registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes or its subsidiaries in the US and/or other countries.

ControlBuild overall presentation

ControlBuild Embedded main use cases

  • for the embedded electronic equipment designers who are not computer programming experts
  • to reduce complexity and cost
  • to improve quality of embedded electronic equipment design
  • to support Functional Design, IEC 61131-3 and EN 50128
  • to enable re-use Virtual Automation Device


  • ControlBuild offers a global software platform to manage the whole system design (for train, ship, plant, etc.) design.
  • ControlBuild offers tools to validate all design steps from the very early stage, and with progressive integration.
  • ControlBuild is the first comprehensive solution dedicated to embedded electronic engineers.
  • ControlBuild covers different stages of embedded electronic equipment development for industrial systems (system design, hardware allocation, automatic code generation, integration tests, and training).

Targeted markets

  • Railway Transportation- Automotive – Food & Beverage – Intelligent Building – Iron & Steel – Logistics Systems -Power Energy – Shipbuilding – Aerospace & Defense – Water Treatment – Life Science – Oil & Gaz

ControlBuild Product Briefs

Product Product Brief Description of the Product Brief
ControlBuild Overview A global software platform designed to develop and validate embedded control systems
ControlBuild for Industrial automation CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION
ControlBuild for Power Plant Industry CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR POWER PLANT
ControlBuild for Train & Railway CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR TRAIN & RAILWAY


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