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SILKAN contributes to bring a high level safety to electronic embedded systems deployed in the civil aviation, defense, transports and medical industries with DO-254 certification services.

DO-254 is a standard that provides guidance for design assurance of airborne electric hardware to reach a higher level of quality and security required by the certification authorities. Any product requiring a high level of safety complex system can require a DO-254 compliance.

To airborne critical applications, advanced technologies such as SoPC and IP (Intellectual Property) are the best way to meet the technical and economical expectations of complex embedded electronic systems.

SILKAN offers comprehensive DO-254 services to industries such as aerospace, requiring a high level of safety. Focused on high reliability semiconductor application domains, SILKAN combines IP and SoC development for both ASIC and FPGA with high reliability methods provided by the DO-254 guidance.

The SILKAN team dedicated to the DO-254 compliance benefits from an expertise of over 10 years in DO-254 development. SILKAN provides IP and SoC companies with DO-254 guidance and certification to address aerospace and any industries where DO-254 is mandatory. To meet certification compliance for Intellectual Property in a critical airborne electronic hardware, SILKAN provide its clients with several activities.

DO254 FPGA / ASIC design life cycle

Our design life cycle is an efficient DO-254 hardware design flow based on more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We help companies to set up new methods and design flows to start an Intellectual Property development dedicated to the aerospace market up to highest DAL-A level.

IP DO-254 upgrade – the reverse engineering method

We provide innovative services to help companies addressing the aeronautic market with their own developed Intellectual Properties. Our Reverse Engineering methods and experience allows us to build certification package up to DAL A from any previously designed product at IP level or FPGA level as well.

Mitigation features can be integrated into the original design in order to satisfy safety critical requirements and specifically to strengthen SEU immunity in aerospace embedded applications for highest design assurance level.

DO-254 training –  3 days 

Become DO-254 fluent with SILKAN teachers !

This unique training is available in French or English.

This training is based on a the usage of a methodology proven on latest civil aircraft programs. Theoretical and practical aspects of each activities required by DO-254 guidance are explained in details with real use cases such as “ASIC/FPGA/Board development under up to DAL-A criticality level”.

The training is conducted by experienced trainers who conduct attendees to the level of DO-254 knowledge required to handle any project in aerospace and in any other critical market such as transport, nuclear and medical industries.

Quiz and test Labs are included in our 3-days training to allow a fast and efficient learning curve for all our participants.

Next training sessions are scheduled at following dates and locations :

Year 2016
– January 12 – 14 in Aix-en-Provence
– February 16 – 18 in Bièvres
– March 15 – 18 in Aix-en-Provence

Custom training program is possible on demand : Feel free to contact us

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