SILKAN Press Releases

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2016 June 16th SILKAN Selected by DANAM Systems as ARINC664-Part 7 and Ethernet IP supplier for military and civil helicopters. DANAM 2016 06 16 (Eng)  
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2015 May 28th CMI Defence and SILKAN join strengths to create AGUERIS, a new player in land forces simulation and training AGUERIS 2015 05 29 (Eng) AGUERIS 2015 05 29 (Fr)
2015 May 18th Le Bourget 2015: SILKAN announces and demonstrates CETRAC switch as the first Ethernet interconnection technology adapted to critical airworthiness. CETRAC Bourget 2015 (Eng) CETRAC Bourget 2015 (Fr)
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2013 February 15th SILKAN opens new Office at the first European Technopole dedicated to High Performance Computing and Simulation: TERATEC Campus Teratec 2013 02 Eng Teratec 2013 02 FR
2013 October 17th SILKAN announces a Partnership with EESYO in China EESYO 2013 10 Eng
 2012 November 22nd SILKAN is supporting its growth with n ew financial, human and organizational resources SILKAN Eng SILKAN Fr
 2012 November 13th SILKAN will be at IITSEC 2012 IITSEC 2012 Eng IITSEC 2012 FR
 2012 July 6th SILKAN opens new office in Montreal Canada Montreal Eng Montreal FR
 2012 June 6th SILKAN the result of the merge of HPC Project and Arion Enterprise activities SILKAN Eng SILKAN FR
 2012 May 9th SILKAN partnership with Cenaero SILKAN Cenaero Eng SILKAN Cenaero FR
 2012 April 13th SILKAN hires Samir Ben Chaabane SILKAN Ben Chaabane Eng SILKAN Ben Chaabane Fr
 2012 March 29th HPC Project selects Presagis Software SILKAN Presagis Eng
 2012 January 11th Arion (former name of SIlkan) acquires DMAP in 2011 le spécialiste français d’IP (norme DO-254)  SILKAN DMAP FR
 2011 November 11th HPC Project (former name of SILKAN) and SGI announce a partnership agreement SILKAN SGI Eng SILKAN SGI FR
 2011 June 14th HPC Project (former name of SILKAN) annouces Wild Cruncher , solution for High Performance numerical simulation SILKAN Wild Cruncher Eng SILKAN Wild Cruncher FR
 2011 June 07th HPC Project (former name of SILKAN) hires Jacques Duysens as its director of simulation SILKAN Duysens SILKAN Duysens
 2011 May 19th HPC Project (former name of SILKAN) hires Loïc GERNIGON operationnal expert in the defense simulation SILKAN Gernigon SILKAN Gernigon
 2011 April 12th Arion (former name of SILKAN) DDASCA new consortium SILKAN DDASCA FR

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