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The SILKAN training simulators for aeronautics are aiming to improve the efficiency of the training of the crew in this demanding domain of operation. Consequently they contribute to a safer operation of the real aircrafts.



The objective covers :

  • From ab-initio to complex mission training;
  • From individual and technical training to crew, tactical and collective training.

The flavor of our systems is a well-balanced mix of operational expertise, and technological and cost efficiency. Our products are designed as teaching tools able to deliver quality training in a safe and managed learning environment. These tools are maximizing and complementing the flight hours performed on the real aircraft used for the ‘Live’ training. They are improving efficiency of the flight hours of the aircraft used for actual missions while preserving its operational potential.

So far Silkan is addressing the markets where new training needs are not fulfilled by available products. First applications are dedicated to the fast growing domain of UAS/RPAS and to light helicopters for which the safety of operation may suffer from the poor availability of adhoc and accessible systems.


 Training Expertise

Silkan is maintaining a sharp knowledge of the regulatory framework that rules the aircrew activities and more specifically the crew training and the Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD). Silkan is actively participating in most of the International Working groups for Airplane and Helicopters and is following very closely the progress of the regulation in the RPAS domain.

Moreover Silkan is a proud member of the European Helicopter Safety Implementation Team (EHSIT) participating in both Training and Technological Teams.

The French MoD in the specific helicopter domain also recognizes this expertise.

SILKAN’s offer for UAS / RPAS


The innovative STARPASS product line covers the complete range of training needs for the Unmanned (or Remotely Piloted) Aerial systems operations.

  • STARPASS Trainer
    • A generic modular and reconfigurable packaged solution for ab-initio, all operators’ functions, navigation and emergency procedures and tactical training. The solution also addresses the multi crew and coordination training.
    • The system is based on a generic and full-simulated Ground Control Station (GCS) connected to a comprehensive and realistic virtual environment and includes a comprehensive Instructor Station to manage training session.
    • The RPAS platform simulation is based on high accuracy models and can be reconfigured to represent various drone classes (from Mini to MALE) and a large choice of operational payloads (EO/IR Camera, SAR/GMTI, ComInt,…). The GCS configuration is proposed with several levels of Hardware components and may offer the integration of ruggedized components (joysticks, pointing devices, screens) within desktop or cabinet configuration.


  • STARPASS Full Representative
    • This customized configuration allows connecting a real UAS/RPAS GCS to a simulated drone in place of the real airborne system and a full featured virtual environment for type specific training, proficiency, recurrent training and mission rehearsal.
    • The dedicated simulator components can be integrated in a mobile configuration or embedded in the real GCS system to be fully deployable with the real system for Anytime, Anywhere Training.
    • This concept has been selected to develop the Training Simulator suites for the Patroller, the new French Army tactical drone (SDT).



SILKAN’s offer for Helicopters

SILKAN is keen to develop training simulators (SK100) to cover the lack of usable training device for both ab-initio and Safety manoeuvres practices. These simulators will match the latest training recommendations issued by the Safety Teams. The target is also to meet the recommendation of the latest FSTD qualification standards issued by ICAO 9625 and in complementing the current applicable EASA and FAA qualification standards. The ambition of Silkan is to develop a complete range of FSTD complementing its initial offer and addressing the whole spectrum of training needs (Type Rating, Recurrent Training, Mission Training).


Customized Solutions

SILKAN is able to design specific training solutions based on customer requests with specific needs (Military, Mission Training, Distributed Mission Training). These solutions may benefits from the various assets and technological components already available within Silkan or issued from current research the company is involved in.


These solutions address the domains where the customer is looking for specific training value and cost efficiency brought by “Light Training Devices”.

 SILKAN’s simulators key features

  • A generic and modular architecture: named TUTOR, the generic architecture at the core of our simulators enables rapid configuration and customization to match the specifics of each training application. This “field” proven solution has been initially developed for training systems in land domain and is providing flexibility and scalability to the complete range of product from Silkan.
  • The virtual interactive representation of the cockpit: this feature enables our simulators to be versatile. A new version of the equipment only requires an adaptation of the software model, without impacting the simulator’s hardware or organization. When necessary to fulfil specific training needs of regulatory constraints physical (hardware) components may be integrated in the design.
  • The exact and accurate representation of the physical behavior and functioning logics : because the logics of the system is directly stimulated through TUTOR, any change in the system’s logics will instantaneously be accounted for in the embedded simulator.
  • An excellent costs/benefits ratio: through the use of generic modules and the connection with real equipment, nonrecurring engineering is kept to a minimum. Our simulators are way cheaper than classical cabins, and can be upgraded to match the requirement of full-motion systems.

SILKAN’s technology meets the heavy requirements of modern training offering innovative solutions, cost-effectiveness and scalability.

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