System Design Simulation


System Design Simulation

SILKAN develops & integrates innovative solutions & tools for advanced analysis and simulation methodologies to ensure design robustness, safe manufacturing processes and systems reliability.



SILKAN develops and distributes BUILDER a simulation based platform which integrates product design, process and system simulation tools (see datasheet)

SILKAN provides based on BUILDER the development of:

  • Complex numerical studies
  • Simulation customized platforms
  • Workflow simulation trades

SILKAN also develops EVARIX as a compiler which turns Matlab/Scilab models into high performance, parallel code and provides its customized integration in any heavy calculation workflow.


SILKAN performs integration and development of customized software platforms:

  • Linkage of software tools: various simulations, analysis and optimization
  • Development of applied and functional HMI
  • Parameterization and automation of simulations
  • Implementation of smart simulation workflow: multi-physics, multi-scale, multidisciplinary simulations


SILKAN provides expertise in modeling and simulation of complex systems:

  • Numerical simulation capabilities
  • Implicit or Explicit Structural analysis: linear, non linear, static, dynamic, crash, impact, blast simulations
  • Use of Manufacturing process simulations: Welding, stamping, machining, shot peening…
  • Use of CFD simulations: fluid flow, aero-elasticity
  • System simulations for multi-physics (Matlab, Scilab, Modelica…)
  • V&V analysis and optimization capabilities
  • Smart Design of Experiment and surrogate models
  • Data Mining to better manage simulation data
  • Sensitivity analysis to understand physical problems
  • Robust optimization methodologies
  • Perform Uncertainty Propagation to better master risks



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