Aug 072011

Par4All 1.2 new release

The new version of Par4All 1.2 has been published on 07/08/2011.

The changelog is available here.

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May 072011

Wild Cruncher

HPC Project announces its new High Performance appliance, Wild Cruncher, dedicated to numerical simulation users.

The primary goal for Wild Cruncher is to bridge the gap between prototyping and production phases for system engineering. This is made possible through code analysis and optimization technologies on which HPC Project has based its success.

For more information the press announce in English and in French

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Mar 182011

Par4all 1.1 new release


Paris March 18, 2011 – HPC Project introduces the 1.1 version of Par4All open parallelization platform with automatic code generation for the NVIDIA GPU based hybrid computing architectures. This version brings a significant performance improvement on the execution time of the generated code.


Par4All is the industrial implementation of a technology developed by the teams of CRI/Mines ParisTech and Télécom Bretagne. Its goal is to allow industrial users to meet the challenge of multi-cores architectures and other parallel processors for generic or embedded systems. From a C or FORTRAN application, Par4All automatically generates a parallel code to OpenMP or CUDA (compilable on NVIDIA GPU). The generated code is readable and completely traceable with the original code. The whole process works like a usual compilation.


The code generated with Par4All version 1.1 is significantly faster at execution time. This is due to the new static data-flow analyzer. This new analyzer allows the optimization of the communications between host and GPU as well as allocations to the GPU. Practical examples of applications are available on


HPC Project was established in December 2007. HPC Project is a pioneer in developing tools and strategies for high performance computing and code optimization. HPC Project goal is to bring the power of supercomputer on the engineer’s desk.


Press contact


roger.marhuenda (at) hpc-project (dot) com

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