TUTOR : Simulator Integration Environment

TUTOR is a modular environment developed by SILKAN to be the cornerstone of customized simulators integration.

  • TUTOR BUS: a logical bus, organizing the exchange of information between the components of the simulation and enabling advanced management functions. It allows the communication of data, events and, when necessary,it can respond to real time constraints. Its publisher/subscriber architecture allows total independence between processes and deployed hardware, thus optimizing performance.
  • COTS: TUTOR combines high-performance COTS with proprietary technologies, in order to define a state-of-the-art simulation architecture. It provides capabilities to exactly tune different environments to specific needs, through deeply detailed modeling technologies
  • IMMERSIVE SIMULATION: TUTOR includes a methodology for creating 3D interactive models and a real-time rendering engine allowing any instrument to be added to the operator virtual interface. The benefits given by this highly immersive environment is enhanced by head tracking and combined with full sound and communication simulation, achieving a high level of realism.
  • EMBEDDED SIMULATION: combine real elements with virtual elements. This is where embedded simulation stands. For instance, a trainee can use the operational equipment of a real vehicle in a virtual simulated environment. In the case of Test or Integration Benches it is a way to have Hardware in the Loop (HWIL).